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What is retro gaming?

Playing older generation consoles, computers, handheld games, and arcade games today can be defined as retro gaming, also known as old school gaming, classic gaming, and sometimes vintage gaming. The retro gaming genre usually uses older generation video game systems that have become obsolete or have been discontinued, but can also be enjoyed through emulation on modern hardware bought from a retro gaming shop online.  

Why is retro gaming so popular?

Retro gaming is nostalgic fun for people born in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and even the 2000s. Having grown up in this era, there is a good chance you had one or more consoles or computers with games you enjoyed playing. Retro gaming is a way to relive those experiences. For others, it\’s a way to play games and consoles they couldn\’t afford or find as a child, and films like Ready Player One have made retro gaming more popular than ever.


Aren\’t old games a bit sh*t?

Older games\’ graphics and sounds are incomparable to modern computer games which look more like movies and cost just as much to produce (this also reflects in their cost at retail with a single game costing upwards of ¬£60). In the past, game writers knew the limitations of the hardware and so put more effort into gameplay and less into graphics, which made the games more enjoyable to play.

Is retro gaming expensive?

No, it costs less than a new game to purchase the hardware at a retro gaming shop, take a look at our selection here.

Preloaded v\’s self loading?

There are two main types of retro gaming systems; ones preloaded with a few hundred games and ones which can be modified to emulate more machines and run more games.

If you are computer savvy I\’d buy the second type, you\’ll be able to run thousands of titles from hundreds of machines, if you are a beginner then stick with an entry level model, it\’ll provide hours and hours of fun without having to do any work.

Handheld v\’s plugin?

Any retro gaming store will have a selection of both handheld gaming options and ones to plug into a TV/monitor. The main two options to consider are; Playing on the move, no brainer the handheld and if you want to play someone else then buy a plugin.

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Where do I get more games?

When you buy a retro gaming machine from the Retro Gaming Shop on usefulstuff4u.com we\’ll email you a list of links to game resources on the web. As always when downloading things from the internet please make sure you have up to date virus protection and always scan files first.

Happy retro gaming!

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