Yieryi YY-1000 3 In 1 Soil EC Temperature Meter Moisture Tester Potted Gardening Agricultural Measuring Tool Conductivity Meter

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  • Brand Name: yieryi
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • With Backlight Or Not: YES
  • Is Smart Device: NO
  • Model Number: YY-1000
  • Certification: NONE
  • Display Type: DIGITAL
  • YY-1000: Back light
  • YY-1000N: No backlight
  • Model: YY-1000/YY-1000N
  • EC: 0.01-20.00ms/cm
  • Humidity: 0.01%-99.9% (PDR technology)
  • Soil temperature:: -30°C-80°C, 22°F-176°F
  • Ambient temperature: -30°C-80°C, 22°F-176°F
  • Humidity calibration: It cannot be calibrated

YY-1000 3 In 1 Soil EC Temperature Meter Moisture Tester

YY-1000 is a newly developed product that can measure soil conductivity, soil moisture and soil temperature. High precision and accurate measurement. Large LCD backlit digital display with clear readings. Low battery warning, replaceable probe, easy to use and easy to carry. Wide range of applications, used in greenhouses, rice, vegetables, orchards, flowers, soil research, etc.

Specifications :

1. Model: YY-1000
2.Measuring range: EC: 0.01-20.00ms/cm
3. Humidity: 0.01%-99.9% (PDR technology)
4. Soil temperature: -30°C-80°C, -22°F-176°F
5. Ambient temperature: -30°C-80°C, 22°F-176°F
6. EC calibration: support two-point calibration: 1413us/cm, 12.88us/cm
7. Humidity calibration: it cannot be calibrated, it has been calibrated before leaving the factory.
8. Battery: 3*1.5V (button battery) (not included)
9. Product size: 210*45*35

Soil conductivity (soil EC) :

Soil electrical conductivity is an indispensable and important parameter for the study of precision agriculture. It contains rich information reflecting soil quality and physical properties. It is very necessary to monitor the conductivity of the soil to be able to grasp its pollution status.

Soil moisture :

The growth of plants depends on soil moisture and nutrients, and can be measured at any time to observe whether the water is sufficient.

Temperature :

The product can measure soil temperature and ambient temperature, allowing you to better protect plants.


1. Press the power button to turn on
2. Insert the electrode into the corresponding depth of the soil to be tested (the probe must be fully inserted into the soil)
3. Stand still and wait for the value to be read
4. After use, press the power button to shut down, clean the electrode to reduce pollution and save it.

Operation page :

every time you turn on the computer, the last operation interface is displayed

1.[Hold/temp] key: short press, data lock, H is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen, long press ℃/℉ temperature unit conversion
2.【Mode/CAL】key: Short press, function conversion, long press to enter calibration
Low battery warning: When there is only one grid left on the battery mark in the upper right corner, a low battery alarm will be issued. Please replace the battery in time to ensure the normal use of the product.

Calibration steps :

1. Put the electrode into the 1413us standard solution after starting up, shake it gently, and wait for the value to stabilize
2. Long press the CAL button, the screen flashes and the subtitle of 【CAL】appears to enter the calibration mode.
3. The value close to the standard liquid phase will appear on the screen. Press ▼ to decrease the value, press ▲ to increase the value, and adjust the value to 1.41. After the value flashes, the calibration is successful.
The calibration method of 4.12.88ms standard solution is the same as that of 1413us.

Packing List :

1 x Soil EC and Temperature Tester
1 x Electronic manual


1. The probe must be in full contact with the soil during testing, and the probe must be fully inserted into the soil.
2. When using, pay attention to the probe to avoid stones, sand, hard soil, do not use too much force, otherwise it will easily damage the electrode. Wipe and clean the electrode in time after use.
3. The probe should be fully exposed to water during calibration, and the probe should not touch the bottom and sides of the container
4. After use, clean the electrode and store it dry.


1. Does this measuring instrument need batteries?

Yes, it needs 3*LR44 batteries, it is not included in the package, you can buy it locally


YIERYI brand was registered in 2016. The main products are refractometers, PH meters, tds, ec pens, soil meters, kitchen scales, and jewelry scales. In order to ensure the accuracy of the data, we gave up the low-cost chip, selected high-precision Taiwan imported and South Korea imported chips, the design chose a portable pen-type design, light, beautiful, and easy to carry. All products will be tested, calibrated and used by ourselves to ensure that the quality is qualified and then promoted. We want to let this healthy brand enter every family and every corner of the world, and pass on the dream of "world love, China made"!

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