PXN V9 Volante PC Steering Wheel Gaming Racing Wheel for PS4/PS3/Xbox One/Android TV/Nintendo Switch/Xbox Series S/X 270°/900°


  • Brand Name: PXN
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Compatible Platform: Nintendo Switch,PlayStation,Xbox,PC
  • Model Number: PXN-V9
  • Styles: gaming steering wheel

Note:V9 steering wheel can work with Xbox One and PS4.But first you need to connect steering wheel to PS4/Xbox One original controller.Then connect steering wheel to PS4/Xbox One consoles.


Connection Method: USB connection
Rotation Angle: 270°(for racing car games)/900º(for truck simulation)
Support Pltform: PC /PS4/Xbox One/Xbox 360/Xbox Series X&S/PS3/Nintendo Switch

Package Includes:

Steering wheel*1,

Foot pedal *1,


Securing clip*2,

User manual*1

1.Linear pedals,support automatic battery life
2.Auto-calibration function (driver installation is required)
3.With X-input and D-input on PC,steering wheel plug and play on pc
4.Super-running left and right shift paddles and manual shift lever design
5.Built-in dual vibration motor to bring you a more realistic racing experience
6.5 Suction cups and 2 U-shaped clips to fix the steering wheel on the tabletop

270 & 900Degree 

One button to switch between 270°and 900°;

 900° is suitable for playing truck games, like Euro Truck Simulator, American Truck Simulator,

270°is suitable for playing racing games , like Need for Speed, Forza Horizon.Multi-platform Gaming Steering Wheel:

Cross-platform steering driving wheel for PC,PS3,PS4, Xbox one,Xbox series s/x, Nintendo Switch. Built-in double adjustable vibration motors.

when connected to PC, it can be directly connected with a USB data cable; but when connected to PS4 and Xbox one, It need to use the original controller to connect the racing wheel.270 & 900 DEGREE GAMING STEERING WHEEL:

Physical button to shift 270 degree & 900 degree, operate easily. 900 degree fit for driver games, like Euro Truck Simulator, American Truck Simulator, 270 degree fit for competing racing games, like Need for Speed, Forza Horizon.

Recommended Games:

PC Platform:EURO Truck Simulator,Truck Life,CTS,Assetto Corsa

Xbox Platform:Forza Horizon4,Dirty 2.0,Forza Horizon Series,Project Cars 2

PS Platform:Need for Speed 20,The Crew 2,GRID,Project CARS

Switch Platform:Asphalt,Gears.Club Unlimited,Sonic Racing,Mario Kart 8270 Degree Steering Wheel

Fit for Competing Racing Games

Like:Forza Horizon4,DIRT Rally,Test

Drive:unlimited,Need for Speed,etc.900 Degree Steering Wheel

Fit for Simulator Driving Games

Like: Euro Truck Simulator  2,CTS,Fern Bus Simulator ,American Truck Simulator,etc.

Product Details


D-Pad,ABXY Button

Indicator,Function ButtonClutch,Brake,Accelerator

High/Low Gear Shifting,Handbrake Switch,6+1 Shifter6-Speed Manual Shifter

Physical Button to Switch Handbrake and Gear.

"H" Pattern Gear Box for Fast,Smooth ShiftingResponsive and Adjustable Floor Pedals

Accelerator,Pressure Sensitive,Brake Clutch

Pedals let you Accelerate,Brake and Change Gears With the feel of an Actual car.

Rubber Feet and Retractable Carpet Grip System Make your Pedals Stronger.VP Tool for Configuration

Support to Configure Steering Wheel Settings Easily12 Months Warranty:

Our products have strict quality inspectionwhen they are made, if gaming steering wheel you received are unusable,

please contact us, and we will provide you with a complete after-sales warranty service.


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