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UNO Poker is a card game originated in Europe popular in the world. Easy to learn, do not move any brains, suitable for all ages to play. "UNO" poker is the world's largest toy company the United States Mattel toy company's representative, in the global sales of more than one billion to pay! UNO is the history of the most successful toys, swept the world! In foreign countries, bars and cafes, UNO is the most popular young people favorite type of game.

  UNO card has been swept the world for decades, known as the world's most fun card games, is said to be invented by a barber in Italy, which UNO version of many, was added many new features, play more exciting, and in this The game is the focus of the most test and reaction, as well as the contest between the thinking.

  Character introduction:

  Quantity and Symbol: UNO cards total 108 cards. Including 76 digital cards, 32 function cards.

  Color: red, yellow, blue, green and black 5 kinds.

  Number plate:

  0 1 for each color a total of four

  1-9 2 pieces per color Total 72 pieces

  The following are function cards:

  Skip (barrier) Each color 2 a total of 8 sheets

  Reverse (reversing card) Each color 2 a total of 8 sheets

  + 2Draw Two (penalty two cards) Each color 2 a total of 8 sheets

  Wild (no card) No color Total 4 pieces

  + 4Wild Draw Four (ace) No color Total 4 pieces


Digital card

 Function card description:


2 free throws

 When the card appears, the next house can only be with the +2 card or +4 card, or penalty touch 2. The order of the next home can be a +2 card to accumulate penalties of the card, the last one without a penalty of +2 card touch (such as: three consecutive players are followed by the +2 card, the fourth player with no license to follow the case On the penalty touch 6). Penalty of the next home must be out of the same color with the +2 card number plate or other function cards.


Reverse card

Reversing the card order.



Block under the home card, turn the third player to play cards.


Million cards

 The role of the card is a million color card, decided to follow the color of the next card. By the player out of the card specified under the home began to play the color. Under the same color can be the same number of cards or feature cards, you can also out of a universal card to select the color change.


trump card

Role: under the home penalty touch 4 cards, you can also choose color.

  Rules: the next house only with the +4 card, or penalty touch 4. Under the home can be transferred with the +4 card or cumulative penalty touch of the card, not by the last one of the +4 license penalty. The last person out +4 decides the color of the next card. +4 can only be followed by +2 or +4. Or if there is no card with the same color as the previous one, if a violation is made and the next person (the person who has been fined 4 cards) is suspected, the fined person has the right to show his hand to the fined Look, if you do not have this color of the card, the penalty plus penalty 2 (6), if a violation of the provisions of the +4, by the violators touch 4 cards.

  [Optional: +4 card must be the hands of the other cards can not be out of the time out of the +4 card people can not abide by this rule, but the penalty to the next home can be suspected of licensing the first card out of +4 On the home, be suspected of the home must hand the card to the next home to see. If the home did not comply with the rules, that is, a card can be out of a +4, by the home penalty, the next home can be spared; if the home is indeed to abide by the rules, then the next home in the original penalty number Plus the penalty touch 2 cards. ]

  game rules:

  Each draw a card, according to the highest score card for the licensee and the first card.

  The dealer gives 7 cards to each person, and the remaining cards are used as a library. Open the first card (number plate, if not, then continue to flop), the card face up, as the first card.

  Starting from the dealer's left hand side, the first clockwise direction, turn out the card.

  Each player chooses to play a hand with the previous card, the same color, number, or function.

  For example: the home of the card for the red 3, the next home can be

  1, out of any color on the 3rd card or

  2, out of any number of red cards or

  3, out of any red suspension card, reverse card or +2 card.

  4, can also be a color card or +4 card.

  If there is no license to follow the penalty when a touch, and then replaced a card.

  When you finish the penultimate card, you need to immediately call UNO to remind you that you only have one. If you forget to call UNO, the penalty touch 2.

  The player who wins the game is the winner of the card, and the sum of the points in the hands of the remaining players is the player's victory points, when the sum of the victory points to 500 to win the game.


  1, any player can not be sent out of the card when the card, followed by the rules of the next card.

  2, if the winner of the last play is a +2 or +4 card license, the game is over but still under penalty.

  3, if the library has not yet been used up when the winner, the waste pile (the last one except) re-shuffle, as the new library to continue to play.

  4, in the hands of the last card must be a number of 1 to 9 or +2 (Draw Two) or +4 card, the remaining cards can not be used as the last card out. Example: When the home out of a blue 2, their own hands left a blue Reverse (reverse), you can not, must touch a.

  [Optional: The wrong card, catch the wrong person, his call wrong UNO, more than 5 seconds without a license, are required to fine touch 2 cards.


  Numbers 0-9 are numbers on the face of the card

  +2 each card 20 points

  Steering cards each 20 points

  20 points for each suspension

  Universal and +4 each card 50 points (black card)



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