New Car Purifier Air Deodorization UV Disinfection Machine Small Negative Ion Air Purifier

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Function: sterilization

Model: H04u

Working principle: UV photocatalyst negative ions

Noise: 60 (dB)

Air volume of air purifier: 50 cubic meters per hour

Smart Type: Air Smart Circulation System

Product Category: Air Purifier

Item number: H04u

Power supply: USB

Rated frequency: 50 (HZ)

Use environment: car home

Control mode: button type

Applicable area: less than 10㎡

Shell process: spray paint

Style: car desktop

Appearance size: L65*W64*H186mm

UV light source: 3W/253.7nm

Tube material: Quartz tube

①Using a specific wavelength of 253.7nm ultraviolet sterilization technology, this wavelength has the strongest sterilization effect;

②The inner wall of the instrument adopts photocatalyst technology, which has double-effect sterilization, and can also deodorize and prevent mildew;

③Fully enclosed design, ultraviolet rays do not leak, and people can use it on the spot; (applicable to bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, study rooms, baby rooms, desks, etc.);

④Portable design, compact and lightweight, ready to use;

⑤ Working noise ≤ 60 decibels, night work does not affect sleep;

⑥ It can be used in confined spaces such as cars, pet sheds, wardrobes and shoe cabinets (with a power connection).


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