Creative Dry Battery Electric Bottle Opener Plastic Wine Automatic Bottle Opener


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Product Category: Wine Corkscrew

Material: Plastic

Specifications: 4.5*22.2cm

Function: Electric, Automatic

Product Name : Diamond button electric bottle opener

Size: 4.5X22.2cm

Product Material: ABS + Stainless Steel

Battery: Install four AA universal batteries (batteries need to be purchased separately)

Diamond button electric bottle opener







Ultra-long battery life continues to open dozens of bottles

After more than ten years of continuous technical improvement of electric bottle openers, tens of millions of products have been produced. Today, engineers have improved the accuracy of the internal structure of the bottle opener to an error range of only 1 wire, and the performance improvement has been even higher. When fully charged, dozens of bottles of red wine can be opened continuously.


Bottle opener use

Cut the tin foil from the bottle with a paper cutter

Hold the wine bottle firmly, align the drill bit with the middle of the cork, and keep pressing the down button of the bottle opener.

After the cork is completely removed, press and hold the upper button of the corkscrew to exit the cork




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Gold Electric Bottle Opener, Silver Electric Bottle Opener

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