Canopy Tent Ground Nails Bold And Lengthened Steel Hardware Snow Nail Accessories 30cm Black

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Name: 30cm Black Steel Floor Nail

Size: 30cm*1cm

Material: High Strength Steel 1008# Steel


Round head design

Increase when hammer strikes

Force area.


Corrosion resistance and strong friction


How to use ground nails (PEG)

1) Keep an angle of 60° with the ground and leave about 4cm at the upper end of the nail to fix it on the ground by hitting it with a hammer.

2) Ground pegs (PEG) – After the part is fixed on the ground, hang the tent rope or wire rope to fix it.


Examples of tent rope/wire rope fixation errors


Proper example of tent rope/wire rope fixation


Ground Spike (PEG) Extraction Method

1) If a rope or belt is hung on the ground nail (PEG) hook to pull it out, or a hammer with a hook is used to pull it out, the ground nail fixed on the ground can be easily pulled out.

2) When the ground peg (PEG) hook is not easy to pull out, insert another ground peg (PEG) into the head of the ground peg and then shake it left and right to make it easier to pull out the ground peg.


Ground Spike (PEG) Storage Method

After removing the silt or dust on the ground nail (PEG), keep it. After a certain period of time, the ground nail (PEG) will have an oxidation reaction, so use a dry towel to put a small amount of lubricating oil in it and store it after wiping it.


Weight 200 kg


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