10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Board for Adults/Kids Beginners Package Kit Backpack Bag,Oar,Pump,Leash,Fin


  • Brand Name: Triclicks
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Material: PVC
  • Certification: NONE
  • Department Name: Adult
  • For people: Youth, Adult
  • Dimensions: 300*76*15cm(10*2.49*0.49ft)
  • Adjustable Paddle: Approx. 165 cm to 218 cm
  • Maximum load: 350Lbs
  • Max PSI: 15
  • SUP Weight: 17.5Lbs
  • Total Package Weight: 27.5Lbs

10ft Inflatable Paddle Kit(PS: This product has overseas warehouses in European countries (Russia, Britain, Germany) and Australia, so it will be shipped from overseas warehouses after placing an order.

Size 320CM*81CM*15CM as shown in the picture:
1.20YGB 320cm

2.76RK 320cm

3.78TIT 320cm

4.79IB 320cm


New Lightweight Design

▶ Our support plates are 10 feet 6 inches long, 33 inches wide, and 6 inches thick (300x76x15 cm) and can hold up to 300 lbs. Thanks to the high-strength PVC reinforcement, it stably supports the board body and keeps the inflatable standup paddle lightweight. Weighing only 17.5 pounds, our support plate is 30% lighter than the competition and is industry-leading.

Upgrade quality

▶ Our sup anti-skid pads are made of E1 odorless and environmentally friendly grade 4mm EVA, cross-vertical design, which can be effectively anti-skid and no discomfort when standing. The 6 inch thick sup is made of 2 layers of PVC (0.7mm high density PVC waterproof fabric plus PVC outer reinforced fabric) and the V-drop needle is made of first-class stretch air cushion material, with a tensile force up to 120N and an air pressure up to 15 PSI, Will improve durability.

One machine for multiple purposes

▶ 3 inflatable paddles with adjustable position or speed, more stable water distribution and smoother directional control. The forward end of the bow adopts a buffer and stable linear design, which can meet the requirements of safety, stability and safety. soft speed. Perfect for cruising or small waves, perfect for all skills, especially for beginners, teenagers. Thanks to the portable and lightweight design, you can glide on the lake, surf in the ocean, fish in the river, do yoga.

Everything in one bag for your choice of gifts

▶ Portable fun water sports right in your hands! You want to share the fun with your family and friends too, right? This inflatable stand-up paddle board will be the go-to for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and birthday gifts. Each sup inflatable paddle board comes with a complete utility kit including a standing board, harness, adjustable paddles, hand air pump, emergency repair kit and a waterproof backpack to fit everything.


▶ The upgraded 90 degree rotating Boston high pressure air valve prevents inflation air leakage, you can quickly inflate and easily deflate within 10 minutes using a hand pump. Our inflatable paddle boards are portable and convenient. Adjustable lightweight paddles (adjustable arrangement approximately 165cm to 218cm) allow you to adjust the height according to the user's height or usage scenario, providing a user-friendly experience for them.

An inflatable stand-up paddle board means you want to glide freely on the lake, or ride the wind and waves in the ocean? Our SUDOO Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board will meet all your needs!

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Features:

●The entire sup package comes with an inflatable sup, pump, paddle, backpack, straps, repair kit for a great vacation! Easy to transport and use.You can easily inflate up to 15 PSI of stand-up paddle pressure in 10 minutes. It's also designed to deflate easily, just roll and fold.

● Our inflatable stand-up paddle boards are made with an upgraded double-layer PVC deck with drop seam technology and EVA padding for optimal slip resistance, safety and comfort.

● Sup paddles feature a wide board design to provide more balance for all skill levels. You can use it not only on lakes, oceans, swimming pools, but also for fishing, cruising and surfing.

●You'll know that inflatable sup bags are super travel-friendly, easy-to-carry, "ready-to-play" bags that you can keep in your car or in your room when you want to explore the fun on the water.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Specifications

●Condition: 100% new high quality

●Type: Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

●Plate: 2 layers of PVC, EVA deck

●Size: Approx. 300*76*15cm(10*2.49*0.49ft)

PS: 110 orange size < 300 (compared to other models < 10CM)


Model: 79IB 320cm; 78TIT 320cm; 76RK 320cm; 20YGB 320cm Dimensions are: 320CM*81CM*15CM.

●Adjustable paddle: Approx. 165 cm to 218 cm

●Maximum load: 350Lb

●Maximum PSI: 15

●SUP weight: 7.93Kg (17.5Lbs)

●Total packaging weight: 12.5Kg (27.5Lbs)

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package Contents:

●1 x Inflatable pad

●1 x Durable Belt

●1 x Manual Air Pump

●1 x Adjustable Propeller

●1 x Storage Backpack

●3 x fins (no tools required)

●1 x Repair Kit (glue not included)

PS: 26BG and 27GW are equipped with cushions.


▶ Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and store in a dry and cool place.

▶Avoid folding the middle fins when storing, as this will cause the fins to bend.

Deflation Instructions:

When you are going to deflate the surfboard, open the valve cover and lightly press the inner core of the valve. At this time, the surfboard will release the pressure. Once the pressure in the surfboard is reduced, the operation will be very easy. Stay in the deflated state and the surfboard will continue to deflate.

Roll up the surfboard, and roll the anti-skid pad on the inside in the order from back to front, so that the gas remaining in the surfboard can be fully discharged during the process of rolling up the surfboard, so that the volume of the surfboard after rolling up Smaller and easier to carry in a bag.

PS 1:

Russian regional logistics CDEK and Russian post, CDEK is given priority, and Russian post is sent to remote areas.

PS 2:

1.79IB; 78TIT; 76RK; 20YGB;24B 300cm air pump is bidirectional, other models are unidirectional.

Model YG fins are 3 detachable; non-YG models only have one large fin in the middle that is detachable, and two small fins that are fixed.
2. Model: 79IB 320cm; 78TIT 320cm; 76RK 320cm; 20YGB 320cm; 24B 300cm;the accessories are equipped with two wrenches (one 6-tooth black; one 8-tooth gray). Mismatched wrench, both of our wrenches are included in the repair kit;
3. Model: 79IB 320cm; 78TIT 320cm; 76RK 320cm; 20YGB 320cm; 24B 300cm;we also have 2 fin buckles, one is bound to the fin, and the other is placed in the bag with the fin separately. The ones on the fins cannot be inserted, please use the ones packed in the bag separately first, because the socket will become wider after a long time, so it is equipped with a large and a small buckle.


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